HexHook Pro Lag Bolt Hook


HexHook Pro Lag Bolt Hook Plate Adaptor

Designed to fit either the GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II, our HexHook Pro and adapt to ropes or tensioning devices.


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Hook plate for securing ropes and tensioners to GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II or Lag Bolts.


  • Made of mild steel
  • Zinc-plated, anti-corrosion protection
  • .14 pounds total weight
  • 4″ total length
  • 1.6″ total width
  • .19″ plate thickness
  • .31″ hook thickness
  • .7″ hook inner diameter
  • .31″ hook opening
  • 1″ key hole opening
  • 3/4″ hex key
  • 300lb Rated
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our HexHook Pro Lag Bolt Hook is your perfect solution for adapting to your lag bolts or of course GroundGrabbas for easy rope attachment. As you know there’s been no solution like this available until now. The HexHook Pro Lag Bolt Hook has more uses than just a lag bolt hook like cracking open your cold beer or even using the built-in hex tool to wind your lag bolts or GroundGrabbas in and out of the ground.


GroundGrabba is made to last! Every GroundGrabba steel product comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty against breakage or manufacturer defects. If you ever encounter a problem with your GroundGrabba Steel Pro products, simply let us know and we’ll replace it immediately – no questions asked*.

* conditions apply

Additional information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 3.5 in


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