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Get 10 GroundGrabba, 10 HexHook Pros, & a FREE Carry-All Bag in a pack perfect for securing multiple small tents, a large tent or a large structure.

GroundGrabba Pro × 10

With the GroundGrabba Pro, It doesn’t matter if you need reliable metal stakes to ground your camping tent or shade structure in the desert or are putting up signs around your business, setting up vendor tent gazebo's for a party or event, tying down patio furniture, or setting up your pop up carport or outdoor swing set - there is a primal  need to keep your stuff protected and secure. With our Galvanised Heat Treated Carbon Steel metal ground peg stakes, you can feel confident that whatever you are anchoring will remain intact and safe, regardless of weather conditions. This is YOUR stuff and nothings going to mess with it.

  • Peg-stake flights tear into the substrate for an ultimate grip
  • Drill action operates smoothly for simple, fast insertion
  • Lightening-fast setup and pull down
  • Can be used for permanent ground anchoring
  • Perfect addition to your camping equipment arsenal

Please Note: These are not toys. You will need a powerful drill if attempting to use these in hard ground.

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HexHook Pro × 10

Designed to fit either the GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II, our HexHook Pro connects the securing rope or spring with the hex head for fast, efficient setup. Made of yellow zinc coated hardened steel, our HexHook Pro allows easy adjustment of the rope or tension spring to the applied tension thereby ensuring that your tent, canopy, or tarps are firm in the face of the wild Northerly and Southerly winds. The addition of an inbuilt 19mm / ¾” hex tool built-in allows a secure fit to the top of your GroundGrabba Pro or Pro II to help with manual insertion or extraction.

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GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag I

Made of 600D Heavy-Duty Polyester, the GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag I is the perfect portable container for your GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Lite system. Two primary pockets divisions in the main compartment are suitable for both the complete GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Lite. Two large zipped pouches, one on each side of the inner bag, are ideal for accessories such as the HexHook Pro, Drill Bits, Hex Drivers, etc. A quality heavy duty zipper encloses the bag from end to end, with handles that wrap completely around the bag for maximum support.

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  • 10 GroundGrabba Pro (GR13H)
  • 10 HexHook Pro   (HR14)
  • Free Bag   (GGCAB)

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions18 × 8 × 4 in


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