Texas Pack $AVE $174


Texas Pack

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Tungsten Tipped Masonry Drill Bit × 2

Use this 1/2" x 12" Masonry drill to create pilot holes into hard earth to help the deployment of your GroundGrabbas

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Medium Duty Hex Driver × 4

The 3/4” Hex Driver is a convenient socket with shank designed to fit the entire range of GroundGrabba Series tent peg-stakes.

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GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag I

Made of 600D Heavy-Duty Polyester, the GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag I is the perfect portable container for your GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Lite system.

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GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag II

Made of 600D heavy-duty polyester, the GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag II is the perfect portable container for your complete GroundGrabba system.

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What’s Included:

24 x GroundGrabba Pro (12″)
24 x GroundGrabba Pro II (24″)
48 x HexHook Pro
2 x 1/2″ x 12″ Masonry Drill Bits
4 x 3/4″ Hex Socket Driver
1 x GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag (standard size)
1 x GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag (long size)

  • Made of heat treated carbon steel which has been galvanized
  • Use your most powerful cordless impact wrench or drill for ease of use
  • Heavy Duty screw-in ground anchor stakes for holding larger load tension
  • Lifetime replacement warranty on all steel Pro series products
  • Included Carry-All bags made to carry your GroundGrabbas and accessories
  • Masonry drill included for pre drilling pilot hole in hard grounds
  • Ships from Valencia CA

When you have a Texas sized set up, you need a Texas sized pack of super strong ground anchor stakes.

With the Texas Pack we’ve got you covered.

GroundGrabba Pro stakes are for loose to very hard grounds

GroundGrabba Pro II stakes are amazing for soft sand to hard clay ground and larger loads

Fast, Secure & Strong for securing your heaviest outdoor applications

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 8 in


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